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No matter what size your parrot is, from the smallest parrots to the largest macaw, ALL parrots require the same level of care. They all deserve nutritious foods, a safe cage and home, lots of entertainment and human companion that sees they get it all – each and every day.


Every parrot species needs to be fed a diet that supplies them with the nutrients their bodies require to remain healthy. The most common parrot diseases are related to substandard nutrition which cause poor quality of life and premature death.

Malnutrition can be blamed for some of the behavioral problems companion bird display as well – birds that don’t feel well can be mean and uncooperative, and who could blame them?

Contrary to what you read, commercial seed mixes are not a “parrot diet”. Even the best pellet brands can’t rightfully claim to be a “parrot diet”. Birds are a part of nature and that is where their food should come from as well.

It is as much as us as their ‘parents’ to peer that they get what is wanted for them to offer entertainment, socialization, and protection for this addition to our ‘flock’. Learn how exceptional to make sure that your African Grey Parrot is snug and secure in their home.